Aaron Carter Death Updates 2022 Singer missed rehab session the day before he was found dead as explanation for his unknown death

Aaron's friend reflects on the tragic day.

In an exclusive interview, Aaron's devastated friend Gary Madatyan told The US Sun that he was "totally shocked" to hear the news of Aaron's death.

“I decided to go to Lancaster and contacted Melanie. She said, "I want you by my side."

“I drove there, we hugged and cried. Melanie wanted her and me to say goodbye to him and his body, but the bailiffs didn't think that was a good suggestion given her situation.

"We heard he was dead in the bathtub for at least a couple of hours. We didn't go into the house until the body was taken away.

“I've been in the house before, it was horrible to go back inside. Melanie suffered a lot.

"She cried and sobbed, it was so exhausting for her, my heart broke for her.

"It was all so shocking that we couldn't watch it. We hugged and I tried to comfort her. She looked into the bathroom and started crying when she saw the bathtub.

“The bath water was green. It was horrible to think of him dying there alone."


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