Shouty-Mum. An Ode.

I’m sorry I’m sometimes shouty-mum
That sometimes horrid things come out of my mouth-y-mum

I’m sorry if I sometimes don’t do the best mum-job
And that most days we’re running late, and I look like mum-slob

I know that I’m sometimes lazy-mum
And I have moments where I just need to sit on my bum

I’m sorry I sometimes lose my shit
And some days are hard for me – even if it’s just for a bit

I know that sometimes I’m lonely-mum
There’s people all around me, but I still sometimes feel on-my-own

I get sad and I get tired, and I struggle to be me
Some days I’d love some time out and for someone else to make tea

But then I have to remind myself I’m real-mum
A feeling, thinking person who can’t always juggle it all at once

I tell myself I’m ‘human’ and it’s silly to get so stressed
Not every day can be awesome, you can only do your best

What’s important is I love being mum, more than I could ever say, show or do
Even though I sometimes wish my house didn’t resemble a zoo

So I’m sorry I’m not always the perfect mum –
I can be shouty, angry, sad and sometimes lazy too

But mostly I’m a fantastic mum –
a kind, funny, real, human, not-made-of-plastic mum
And you should know how much I really love you

(And wine.) (And sleeping.)



  1. Heidi April 25, 2018
    • Wally Mummy April 25, 2018

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