11 Reasons to Positively LOVE Being Pregnant…

1. Shiny hair, strong nails, glowing skin… are apparently things that happen in Narnia or Brazil or something, but whilst those bits appear to have ‘skipped you’ – you and your split ends/teenage skin do at least have the J-Lo bum and boobs you’ve always wanted. Touch me. 👊

2. Think of how many tampons you’ve saved.

3. No more sucking your gut in – breathe it out and be free sister.

4. If you don’t want to have sex – you just blame it on pregnancy. Who wants to hump an angry Walrus anyway?!

5. If you desperately need to have sex – you blame it on pregnancy. ANGRY WALRUSES NEED LOVE TOO.

6. Your local McDonald’s breakfast menu has never been so profitable. You’re basically a boost to the local economy. Well done.

7. Big pants have never been so awesome.

8. Naps. Of. Dreams.

9. Did I mention no periods… that’s really the main one. It’s almost worth it just for that tbh.

10. No-one bats an eyelid when you deep-throat a Toblerone for lunch. I’d say that’s a win however you look at it frankly…

11. Lady maintenance becomes a very low priority, not least because you can no longer see your own vagina anyway. Time to grow a fanny-forest, lock it down, throw away the vag-key and give no further f*cks about it for a few months.



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