Mom shares how she stays in touch with her adult children without invading their space

Mom shares how she stays in touch with her adult children without invading their space

An empty clutch shared how she and her husband keep in touch with their adult children "without violating their territory."

It's a big problem when kids get older and can finally move around on their own. The transition could be bittersweet. Not all mothers or fathers know how to find consistency between nurturing the relationship and maintaining their adult baby's fairness.

See how this boring Brooklyn room finally becomes a mid-century modern escape:

TikToker @tanyaann74 offered some advice on how to continue bonding with your kids now that they're adults.

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The mother said she often "accidentally" cooked other of her son's favorite dishes. She would leave it to them simply for that reason, without the expectation that they would be invited for a longer visit.

The mother and father also stopped commenting and waited for their children to ask for help. Giving an example of her son wanting to test drive a car, she texted him: "If I had to, would I be able to name you?"

When inviting them, he always made sure to include his companions and check their availability.

“The most important thing is that we treat them at all times with the same respect that we have asked for,” he added.

The video was viewed 1.1 million times and resonated with many TikTokers.

"My poor husband doesn't even get a registration text," said one consumer.

"I look at this and tear it up while my son falls asleep on top of me," one person wrote.

"Crying. We are still in his infancy when he comes out into the world. I will miss him terribly. I will do exactly that for him," one TikToker replied.

"I'm crying because that is EXACTLY our mother. She is my best good friend and the way she shows her love fills my heart," one commented.

"This made me cry my mom and dad do stuff like this for me never realized it's their method of keeping in touch... now it's smart," another added.

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The Submission Mom shares how she stays in touch with her "adult children" without "violating their space," first appearing on In The Know.

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