Mother & Baby Parking – A Divine Right

It’s only when you have children that you understand the true irritance of people who park in the Parent & Child spaces without being anything close to an actual parent.

This morning at the supermarket, some silly cow in an Audi TT not only pulled up next to me in a clearly marked P&C spot, but had the cheek smile at me and make the customary ‘Ahhh isn’t your baby cute’ noise as she bleeped her car lock. If I hadn’t been performing my daily ‘how the F does this F-ing buggy fold out’ ritual I would have flipped her the bird. (Or hopefully something wittier and classier)

Let me make this clear – if you haven’t been through childbirth, months of sleep deprivation or ever tasted the actual faeces of a small child, you don’t get to use the flippin’ space.

However I keyed her car, slashed her rear tyres and smeared a shitty nappy across her bonnet so ultimately I feel the victory was mine.



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