Did I Mention I Love My Muff…

This week, I got rather excited.

There may even have been a very small amount of wee released…

For this week I took delivery of one very awesome footmuff courtesy of the very sexy* people at Betty Bramble.
(*Disclaimer – I’m guessing they’re sexy. I’ve not seen their real faces. Call it sexy intuition on an awesome-footmuff-related basis.)

It’s very rare for me to do any kind of product feature, but every so often, I get enticed by something so lovely I actually can’t say no (…like with gin. And cakes. And contraception… oh, hang on…)

Sooooooo this one made the cut because I am a real lover on anything UK made, UK designed, vintage inspired and to be honest with you goddamn gorgeous. (Plus my giant humungator toddler has completely grown out of her one from last year, so it was pretty perfect timing…)

Now. I’m never one for the ordinary, so in place of your standard product review is instead a little poem in homage to my lovely new muff *sniggers*:

I love my muff on a cold Autumn morning,
I love my muff at night.
I love the way my muff is patterned on the inside, 
And has a nice muffy sheen in the sunlight.

I love that my muff is so lovely and thick,
I love my muff’s colourful flap.
I love how my muff is so cozy and warm,
And is a head-to-toe toddler muff-trap.

I love that my muff is strong and robust,
I love that it’s one muff fits all.
I love that my muff is made here in England,
And is heavy, and long, and tall. 

I love my muff’s texture, its size and its shape,
It’s a double-zipped, cord-effect muff-sack.
I just love my muff, it’s the best muff of all,
And I’m fairly sure my muff loves me back!


In all seriousness though, I really am a bit in love with this footmuff. It’s well-made, the materials are plush and feel really robust, is a really good size (for my humungator child), looks fantastic and my toddler adores it. It also attaches fully to the buggy, so no irritating slipping around, and I love that the front ‘apron’ comes away so it can act as a buggy liner as well.

More info, this design (London’s Calling), and the entire Betty Bramble range of footmuffs available at BettyBramble.co.uk priced from £64.99.

I was sent this product free of charge by Betty Bramble for the purposes of this review. They didn’t need to give me gin or anything. *smug face* 


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