How Are You One?

How are you one?
How can a whole year be done?
How can I be a mummy to a ‘toddler’?
This time last year,
I was facing my worst fear;
Letting a human force it way out of my wobbler…

I’ve learnt so much,
Sometimes it’s been f@*king tough,
But awesome in so many ways…
I’ve kept you alive,
Somehow we’ve both survived,
Despite having horrendously shit days.

You’ve turned out pretty cool,
In no time you’ll be at school,
It’s hard to keep up when I’m so knackered.
You’re funny and smart,
You’re loving with a big heart,
And I’m *fairly* sure you won’t end up a crack-head.

We’ve made it to one.
F@*k knows where 12-months has gone.
We’ve been through it all, thick and thin.
I know way too much about poo,
And the power of the Jumperoo,
And also that I rather like gin.



  1. sarahmo3w December 23, 2015
    • Wally Mummy December 23, 2015

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