Hey lovely blog-following folk.

I’m going to write a post I’d never normally write.

Because it’s pretty rare for me to write anything ‘serious’… Right now I’m normally chugging Pinot Grigio, with the baby monitor on silent, eating cold left-over potato-waffles waiting for Geordie Shore to come on…


I’m making a very rare and serious exception. Not because anyone has asked me to. Not because it affects me personally in any way. But because I can’t stop thinking about this mum.

A mum.

Like me.

Just a Normal Mummy.

Except she’s not spending her evening screwing about left-over vegetables, fishing raisins out of the radiator cracks or picking playdoh out of the carpet…

Because she has no idea how or even where her kids even are.

It’s completely INSANE to think this is something that is going on. To a mum that lives in the same town as I do. Just round the corner. I’ve probably walked past her in the street… And I think that’s why it’s playing on my mind and I feel the need to help her.

This woman’s ex-partner kidnapped their children and took them to Oman three years ago. He is now in prison for his crimes but his family won’t release them. Or allow any contact of any kind. It’s an understatement to say that she is desperate to get them back.

Her only real chance of getting them home is to get the government to intervene and she has started a petition to try and get this heard in parliament.

She needs a minimum of 10,000 signatures to get this heard. At 100,000 it will be debated. Just please sign it. Share the f*ck out of it. Shove it up the arse of everyone you bloody know for the next 4 weeks before it expires and she has to start all over again. Please.


And you can read the full story here: http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/politics/please-help-me-get-my-children-back-mr-cameron-1-5430526

Thank you x



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