Thank You. The Mummy’s Day Poem

Thank you to every Mummy everywhere.
Thank you for being honest, thank f@*k for leggings, and the occasional swear.
Thank you for showing others it’s OK that it’s sometimes shit.
And that we’re all surviving with bribery and iPads. (a little more than we sometimes admit)

Thank you all the Mummies across the land.
For ignoring playdoh and existence of Kinetic Sand.
Thanks to those who’ve survived in cafes and lived to tell the tale…
The one that ends up with everyone leaving while Mummy has a little wail.

Thanks to every Mummy who’s said she’s had enough.
That waving goodbye to the ‘you before baby’ is actually a little bit tough.
Thank you for saying that many things aren’t quite how you thought they’d be.
Like sleep-deprivation, tantrums and softplay, and a botched episiotomy.

Thank you every Mummy – all of you,
For admitting you just want a Latte and to be alone when you go for a poo.
Thanks for making the rest of us feel ‘normal’, even when normal seems far away,
So have a flipping amazing awesome (and probably slightly drunk) Mother’s Day.



  1. Californian Mum in London March 6, 2016
    • Wally Mummy March 17, 2016

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