Dear Kids. The World Can be Beautiful…

The world can be beautiful
This world can be great
You’ll meet wonderful people
And learn to ignore hate

Not all things are terrible
On this planet we call home
You have so much to look forward to
Despite how much we all moan

Like going to your first festival
Being desperate to learn to drive
Yearning to have your first cigarette –
It’ll be awful, but make you feel alive

You’ll have your first taste of alcohol
Buy a drink in your first ever bar
Find clothes that make you feel good
And start to discover who you are

You’ll move out of home one day
To a home of your own
Have your first solo-trip to IKEA
And cook your first meal alone

You’ll find friends you’ll keep forever
Meet your soulmate, fall in love
Get your heart broken, fall in love again
And have your first part-time job

Maybe you’ll want to study
Perhaps you’ll travel the world
Even if you want to stay close to home
Do what makes you happy – don’t be deterred

There’s so much for you to look forward to
It will be brilliant, it will be hard, sometimes you’ll be sad
Just be kind, look after others, and love yourself
And remember you can always call mum and dad

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