Just for Giggles :)

The list of things my 4-month year old daughter laughs at has significantly increased this week. Give or take a few items, the list now looks something like this:

Grandad (both)
Granny (but not Nana – she apparently is NOT funny)
The colour green
Bunny, Sophie, Dolly and the Ducks. Not Piglet – he’s an arsehole
Her bottle
Mummy’s right nipple – only the left should be taken as a serious food offering
The doorbell
The television (especially any sport played on a grass pitch (see note above re colour green) and anything with Gordon Ramsey in)
The printer
The laptop
The camera
The table
Ceiling lights
The kitchen doorway
Her cot
Her pushchair
Daddy stubbing his toe (this happens ALOT)
Mummy swearing (this also happens ALOT)
Being changed
Getting dressed
Getting undressed
Other babies
Her own reflection
and herself laughing.

Regular updates to follow.


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