Happy Birthday Mummy

Happy Birthday Mummy.
You’re doing alright I suppose…
You look a bit slovenly, some might call it ‘cuddly’,
But at least I’ve always got nice clothes…

Happy Birthday Mummy,
You’ve done an OK job to be fair.
The yoghurt is flowing, my toy collection keeps growing…
Perhaps you could apply the same effort with your hair?

Happy Birthday Mummy,
You’re giving it a good go.
Your silly dancing, and crazy prancing,
Has me laughing ’til I shit myself you know…

Happy Birthday Mummy,
Your attempts have been pretty bold;
From playground and play-dates, to swimming with my toddler-mates,
You must be bloody knackered now you’re old…

Happy Birthday Mummy,
You really have done yourself proud.
So I’m delighted to let you hear, I’m keeping you on another year,


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