Why would I walk when Mum can give me a carry?
Why wear clothes when I can just wear a nappy?
Why take the stairs when I can bump down on my bum?
Why use cutlery when I can just use my thumb?
Why would I move when Daddy can reach?
Why would I talk when Mummy has the speech?
Why use the slide when you can push me on the swings?
Why drink water when ice-cream give me WINGS?
Why sit in a highchair when the floor will do?
Why use a potty when Mummy cleans up my poo?
Why tidy up when all I need do is yelp?
In fact, why bother with anything when the folks are there to help?
So don’t let Mummy slack off, don’t let Daddy dose,
Keep the toddler demands coming and those oldies on their toes!


  1. Hannah Brooker October 27, 2013
    • Wally Mummy October 27, 2013

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