Monday, Monday…

Monday, Monday…

Why do you always suck?

I want to wear PJs and eat crisps all day,
But the toddler says I’m ‘Shit out of Luck.
Monday, Monday…
How about a lie-in instead?
‘NO’ says the WallyBubba, ‘I’ve dancing to do…
And some tombliboos to punch in the head.’

Monday, Monday…
The sense of impending DOOM.
I’d kill for some quiet time, sell my kidneys for a bath,
But instead I’m taking ninja kicks to the womb. 

Monday, Monday…
Can I PLEASE get a break?
Instead of CBeebies and Weetabix to the face,
Perhaps I can have Heat magazine and some cake?
Monday, Monday…
No longer will you be so crumby. 
I’m packing up the toddler, and sending her to nursery,
So Monday can now be for *Mummy!
*gin and Real Housewives 



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