The First Snip, The Dinosaur and a Red Ferrari.

Today we had the snip.
In a Red Ferrari.
Next to a Dinosaur.
In Lee-on-Solent.
Things actually went scarily well. Thanks in no small part to the Ferrari, the T-Rex, Peppa Pig DVDs and the endless supply of crisps, biscuits and hair glitter… but WELL, none the less.
I managed to NOT break down into a blubbing, neurotic mess straddling a miniature motorbike threatening the hair-dresser with a Tangle Teaser. So I am clearly WINNING.
And the vast majority of the WallyFro is still in tact, simply devoid of straggly ends, still larger than life and currently biscuit free and strawberry scented… AMAZING
The WallyFro in all its pre-trimmed glory…
No Tangle-Teasers were harmed during the taking of this picture.
But a nearby Dinosaur did suffer some ‘surface damage’. 
The first snip… (no blood)
Apparently the handling was a little spongy during the fringe trim.  
Sparkly and well-groomed…
She’s far more dangerous in disguise…
And then this… lucky I ginned up the sippy cups…



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