Down on the Death-Farm…


We went for a lovely day out to the farm…

And, I would just like to say that anyone with an overactive toddler who has ever pretended that a day out involving farm animals and un-enclosed paths is actually ‘fun’ is FUCKING LYING or smoking crack.

I totally agree that the toddlers enjoy it; they shitting love it. They can throw animal faeces at five year olds, power-hug rabbits and indulge in multiple instances of ice-cream/cake/pebble consumption… what’s not to like

With some clever editing the photos can disguise the lies and hide the tears really quite effectively… A day of trauma for any parent can be ‘facebooked’ into a beautiful family day out full of nature, smiles and cuddles… but we all know the behind the lens the truth is closer to a pre-schooler version of ‘Lord of the Flies’ and that Mummy has the battle scars to prove it…

Only one rabbit was harmed in the making of this photo.

Attempting to act naturally after punching a lama.


This is mine now. I’ve licked it.
And taken a shit on the bonnet.

Staring out a goat.
You can’t see it but she’s stamping on the tears
of a thousand fairies… and a Guinea Pig.

Who says you can’t eat the gravel…

Waterboarding a peacock.



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