The Holiday Baby-Radius

It’s all about the Holiday Baby-Radius,
As they grab and they lunge and they bring out the rage in us…

How can someone so tiny reach so bloody far?!
Nothing is safe, not even your Cerveza on the bar.

If there’s something sharp on the table, that’s the thing they’ll grab.
Nothing says ‘Holiday-Parent-of-the-Year’ like getting your infant stabbed.

They think they can deceive you, by pretending to be play with toys.
Then BOOM, you relaxed, let your attention lapse, now they’re javelin-ing cutlery at some Greek boys.

It may be the sun-soaked G&T’s *cough* making you think you’re totally cool.
If you look away for even a second, you’ll be sat in a paella-pool.

So yes, it’s all about the Holiday Baby-Radius,
If you want to make it through a meal not covered in baby mush.
You need a clear circumference to save you from the mess.
Now it’s time for gin laced cocktails and using the hotel crèche.




  1. Cat July 13, 2015
  2. Margaret Hill July 14, 2015

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