One for my friend…

Here’s one for my friend who’s just had a baby
I want you to know that I know just how crazy
Life has become since this tiny person came along
How sometimes it feels like you’re getting it all wrong

But you’re doing amazing just making it through each day
You never need to feel guilty, you’re just finding your way
Through this thing they call mummy-hood – NO BASTARD MANUAL SUPPLIED
I can’t tell you how many times we’ve all lost it and cried

Don’t think you’re alone, so many of us have been right there
Not making it out of the house, wondering when you last washed your hair
But it doesn’t fucking matter if you ignore the doorbell… miss a few texts…
Because what really matters is taking a deep breath and having a rest

So please don’t ever think that I don’t totally understand
It’s so tough but it does get easier, and it’s oh so worth it in the end
And when we get together we’ll bitch about being knackered and when we were thin
But most of all we’ll laugh about our fannies and pour ourselves a mummy-sized gin


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