Our First Daddy's Day

Today is my Daddy’s first Daddy Day,
so I wanted to write him a poem.
About his funny face and his monkey toes,
coz I love him and wanted to show him.

Me and my Dad are two peas in a pod,
he loves farting and I love to poo.
Whenever he’s sad I can cheer him up,
by blowing a snot bubble big enough for two.

I’ve found out how to make Mummy happy,
and keep Sunday mornings just for me and you.
I hear all Mummies really like Mulberries,
And we need to contact a man called Jimmy Choo?

I don’t think I want to play rugby games,
I want a pink pony instead.
But my favourite thing to do with our Daddy-time,
Is watch Thundercats with you in bed.

I can’t wait to spend all the Daddy’s Days together,
at the park and the pub and the zoo.
And because you’re my Daddy forever and ever,
I promise never to choose chips over you.



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