The Nipper

Today my daughter she bit me,
And not on the arm or the thumb.
I’m talking right on edge of my nipple,
So now a little chunk has gone.

She seemed to think it was funny,
Watching mummy squeal in pain.
She giggled and wriggled and chuckled with joy,
At my left boob never being the same.

I thought they’d call me Wally ‘One Nipple’,
And point as I crossed the street.
But it seems no-one looks at my boobs anymore,
Having a baby makes your tits obsolete.

So that’s what got me a thinking,
It’s time my poor norks got a rest.
From the crap bras and pinching and punching they get,
To deflate to a normal sized chest.

So today my daughter she bit me,
No not on the leg or the bum.
She clamped down on the nip and gave it a rip,
And now with breastfeeding I AM DONE.


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