Daddy's Little Rugga-Rat

Each day since the Olympics started my husband has spent a increasingly worrying amount of time researching sports in which our daughter could medal (she’s eight months old BTW).

It’s now come to my attention that a slightly deflated rugby ball with pieces of park stuck to it has made it into the toy pile (we’re not civilised enough for a toy box). The ball also comes with a fascinating commentary from said husband comprising rather interesting women’s rugby facts (I’m not sure he cares it’s not currently an Olympic sport) which I pretend to listen to. Intently.

It only encourages him further that the ball is completely mystifying to her, which he has of course taken as a sign she is (and I quote) ‘a natural’.

My advice to you, if you find the Olympics has had a similar effect on male members of your family, is to simply ride it out. By Sunday it’ll be over and I expect him to get back to applying to Universities for her…

In separate news, Sophie the Giraffe has been involved in rugby ball related incident but is expected to make a full recovery.



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