The Mummy/Daddy Climbing Frame

I love to climb up my Mummy,
Like she’s a ladder or rope-swing or tree.
I use her hair and her nostrils for leverage.
And lance my toenails into her knee.

I love to climb over Daddy,
And use his chest fur to haul myself up.
Whether he’s kneeling or sitting or standing or sh*tting,
I WILL claw my way to the top.

I love to climb up my Mummy,
I pinch the wobbly bits at the back of her arms.
Just to let her know I really mean it,
And she’d better stop tweeting fast.

I love to climb over Daddy,
And cling to him like an angry koala bear.
If he tries to release me I punish him,
By twisting out fistfuls of armpit-hair.

I love to climb up my Mummy,
Swinging off her jeans or ripping her tights.
It’s not like she needs them anyway.
I’ve stopped letting her out at nights.

I love climbing up Mummy and Daddy,
I just want to cuddle up tall.
So I clamber and scramble and scrape up them both,
Cos’ they’re the best climbing-frames of them all.



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