It’s My Party and I’ll Make You Cry if I Want To

WallyBubba’s Birthday Party in Photos…

Lady. I match my sippy cup. You have got to be shitting me.

You’re actually going to make me wear this all day aren’t you. Well that’s fine – I just took a shit in your handbag. And I liked it. Who looks pretty now.

I think we’re going to have to discuss the whole ‘one wish’ thing. I’ve prepared a powerpoint presentation on the key areas I’d like you to work on in advance of my second birthday. Putting me in this dress in point number f@*king one.

If only I had that knife… then she’d listen to me… I think she might get her power from that ‘gin’ stuff she’s always drinking… On a separate note; that cake has MY name on it and I’m not sharing.

Right. I am going to scream until I puke. Nothing is going to console me. Do you hear me mother… Nothing. NOTHING.

Except this light-up birthday card.

In fact. I’m only playing with this from now on. You may as well just take all the other gifts back.
I expect better next year. 



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