Happy WallyValentine

Dear Daddy,

It’s been going well and I’ve decided I want to keep you on as my Daddy of choice. So firstly, well done for that. (Feel free to buy me something to celebrate)

I have also decided that since you’ve been doing such a good job, I’d like to make you my Valentine this year (and every year until I’m 30 like we agreed). So here are ten reasons, Daddy, that you are the only one for me:

You give the best hugs – probably because you have a lot to hug with… 
You smell like toast. I like toast.
On average, you last at least twice as long as Mummy when playing the hiding/run away/chase me game. Keep it up champ. 
You know Iggle Piggle personally and he calls you on the plastic walker phone at least once a day.
No matter how hard I punch you in the face you always laugh. I respect that.
You let me post DVDs out of the cat flap. Mummy would never let me do that… She just doesn’t get me the way you do.
You never get bored of watching Thundercats. Amongst my baby-friends this pretty much makes you a God. 
We both agree that chocolate spread can be eaten independently and fully constitutes a meal.
You’re bigger than other Daddies and I can see this working out well for me in the future.
There was also that time you let me eat a near entire tub of Sudocrem because you weren’t ‘paying attention’. That was awesome. Probably the best day of my life. 



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