Daddy's LEGO Day Out

Daddy was very well behaved this year so Mummy and I decided to let him come to Legoland with us as a treat for Daddy’s Day.

Obviously, we couldn’t let him go on all the rides, we had to say no to too many sweeties, and let him have a nap for an hour or so during the day, but overall we managed to make it through the day without too many tears and tantrums… And as a special reward for being so well behaved, I even let him buy a Duplo farm set as a memento of the day. Bless him.

Here’s our day in photos:

Daddy arranged a giant foam lion for me upon arrival.
Very thoughtful.
I’d have preferred a unicorn and some wotsits though…

The boat ride: they said not to stand up while we were moving
but I’m quite the rebel…
I also farted at one of the three pigs and gave snow-white the finger.
Just how I roll…

This was just after a tussle for slide territory with a 20 month old…
Mummy had to remove me. It could have got very nasty…
In this photo it was still too raw. Couldn’t even muster a smile… 

Hell yeah I drove the shit out of that wooden fire engine. 

Yes. I wore the wings. It was a low point for me…
Until I got water cannoned in the face by a giant lego elephant.
Then things perked up.

The moment things perked up…

It not really clear if this is mine or Daddy’s
but it kept him nice and quiet before bed…
Thanks to all the people at The MadBlogAwards for arranging my VIP access and stuff. Definitely helped when keeping Daddy calm in the queues and making sure he didn’t get too over-excited. 
Next year if he’s really good I think I’ll let him take me to Disney Land. 
Lucky bastard.


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