The Baby and The iPad

The baby and the iPad,
They’re quite an inseparable pair.
Anywhere the WallyBubba goes,
The tablet must be there.

The baby and the iPad,
It’s like she’s glued to the screen.
She seems to have hacked my twitter account,
The toddler fraping’s quite obscene.

The baby and the iPad,
You’ll never take it from her alive.
The Peppa Pig App was my biggest mistake,
It’s taught her to fight dirty to survive…

The baby and the iPad,
Together ’til death them do part.
Hours of SILENT entertainment,
If only I’d known than from the start…

The baby and the iPad,
They’re together through thick and thin.
In the pubs, the bars, the rugby clubs…
So Mummy can have a cheeky gin.

The baby and the iPad,
It used to drive me round the bend.
But now I’ve named it ‘iParenting’,
‘Coz Apple is Mummy’s best friend.


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