Dear five-year-old… Now you’ve finished your first year at school… 

Here’s one for my ‘baby’,
Now you’ve finished your first year of school.
I can’t believe how fast it’s gone,
I can’t believe how proud I am of you.

We managed an entire year of the school run?!
It nearly killed me but we were mostly on time.
There were days we arrived still eating our cereal…
(But if you dont mention it, neither will I.)

It’s so mad that you can read and write,
When it seems like yesterday I was changing your nappy.
All the toddler-talk’s forgotten, your hair’s down to your bottom,
I’m a weird mix of reflective, sad and happy.

I love that you’ve struck up new friendships,
Ones that aren’t just play-dates with friends of mine.
And the relief that the parents are all ‘normal’,
And we can bond over a mutual love of wine…

You still have your moments when you drive me crazy,
Sometimes that “after school attitude” drives me nuts.
There are questions all the time, from that overactive little mind,
And there’s far too many eye rolls, buts and tuts.

It’s so amazing to see you in that little uniform,
Up on stage doing things I never knew you could do.
When at home you still want me to put your socks on,
And wipe your bum when you’ve been for a number two.

But boy, are you one feisty little lady;
Kind, sassy and funny all in one.
Just stop growing up so damn quickly,
I love you just like this – still tiny and having fun.

So here’s to you – my first born baby,
You’re so independent now – the things you talk about, the way you speak.
Reception is done, we’re on our way to year one,
Now how the hell am I going to entertain you for an entire six weeks!


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