Bubbly Baby Talk

Out to lunch with the girls (maternity leave daily must do) and have descended upon a posh hotel for champagne afternoon tea.

Managed to look ultra glam and almost like I had it together right up to the point the waiter brought me over a refreshed flute of pink champers… He then not only had to make a space for it between a pukey muslin and Sophie the Giraffe, but my brain failed to make the switch from baby-chat to adult interaction and before I knew it I’d gurgled a loud and embarrassing ‘Fank Koooooooo’ in his face. Classy.

#MassiveCringe #BabyBrain #MentalMummyDoesntGetOutMuch


  1. Anonymous April 21, 2012
  2. WallyMummy April 22, 2012

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