The things I won't do with baby no.2… (But absolutely will)

That’s it now folks… I am officially on the 8 week countdown. Which is both terrifying but a massive relief as this pregnancy has been bloody hard work with a ninja-turd-eating-toddler in tow f@*king up my plans to sit or lie down at any point in the past 7 months…

I’m trying very hard *does squinty eye concentration face as proof* to remember exactly what the hell it is you actually do with a newborn… but all my memories are a jaded blur of gin-soaked-cakiness. Which isn’t very helpful. So instead I’ve made a list of all the things I vaguely remember doing which I probably shouldn’t do with the next one. As that seems like a good place to start.

Here goes:

I won’t use the Jumperoo as a baby-containing-prison.

I won’t use the playpen to sit in and eat Hobnobs. Soaked in tequila. And my own tears. While the kids play with plugs. 
I won’t become an all-night twitter addict. 
I won’t breast-feed whilst drinking wine*
*gin and tonic… hold the tonic. 
I won’t impulse buy random crap on eBay at 3am because it makes me feel better about the area formally known as my nipples and/or vagina.
I won’t use a hand mirror to look at the area my vagina used to be.
I won’t use a mirror.
I won’t use muslins that have begun to evolve into their own form of cheese.
I won’t leave ‘those’ nappies for when the husband returns from work.
I won’t leave the house without an ample amount of nappies/wipes/spare babygros because it’ll ‘probably be fine’.
I won’t leave the nappy off. EVER.
I won’t forget breast pads on a night out. Or get drunk and try to pass off my squirting nipples as a new party trick. 
I won’t consider a fortnight an acceptable time frame between legging washes.
I won’t allow my house to turn into a squat sponsored by Fisher Price. 
I won’t eat food debris I find between the sofa cushions because it’s easier than actually moving. (It is true that everything looks like a raisin if it’s been there for long enough…)
I won’t pretend I didn’t notice the small pile of shoulder puke but wear it anyway…
I won’t lock myself in the downstairs toilet for a nap. And a twix. 
I won’t use the bottom sniff test whilst in civilised company. i.e. when the gas man calls or during a job interview…
I won’t insist any guest the baby shits on is responsible for the clean up. AKA ‘poo roulette’.
I won’t live off of cake alone because I’m breast feeding, and therefore immune to calories of the bottom.
I won’t say I’m going to buggy-fit but then just eat another pie instead.
I won’t answer the door with part/all of my vagina hanging out of my dressing gown parting.
I won’t sometimes just not answer the door/leave the house/turn up. Because I don’t f@*king feel like it. (And all the leggings are past the point of no return…)
I won’t ‘just rub the baby-rice in’ to my hair thinking it’s unnoticeable.
But most of all I probably will. Do all of the above. Especially that last one and any involving cake and/or gin. So there.



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